Better Control for Longer Relief

Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate 40mg +Domperidone 30 mg(DSR)


1 capsule OD orally.

1 X 10

Pantoprazole / Domperidone improve the patient's condition by performing the following functions:

  • Reducing the amount of acid produced in the stomach.
  • Blocking the dopamine receptors.

It should be stored at room temperature away from light.

Pantoprazole / Domperidone may interact with the following drugs and products:

  • Amiodarone
  • Amprenavir
  • Antacids
  • Aprepitant
  • Atazanavir
  • Atropine

  • Possible side-effects that may occur in medicines that contain Pantoprazole / Domperidone Drug dependent
  • Headache