DelCure Lifesciences Ltd completed one year on 31st Jan,14. Spandan , the foundation day was celebrated on 3rd feb, following were the highlights: The entire DelCure family was addressed by Mr. P K Pathak , Mr. Kumar Priyaranjan and Mr. Arun Sharma. On this occasion they shared their views on completing one year and the way forward. Also We welcome the new joiner Mr. Gulab Singh. Mr. Kumar launched company’s most coveted award- The CEO’s Circle Award. A video depicting the DelCure journey and its purpose of existence was also shown. The Spandan Quiz was held after this, the winner was the Team comprising of Mr. Navjinder singh, Hani kapoor, Siddharth , abhijit Mukherjee and santosh. There were performances by Mr. Vijey Christopher,Prashant bhamre, Arvind, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Manikandan, Deepak verma,Praveen Tiwari who sang some wonderful songs. The event had two more fabulous and fun performances by Mr. Sankhaydeep and Ms. Shriya showing their imitating skills.