Enrich with tonrich

Per 100g powder Per serving 15g powder Vitamin A 10.06mg 1.59mg Vitamin B1 4mg 0.6mg Vitamin B2 5mg 0.75mg Vitamin B6 6mg 0.9mg Vitamin B12 6mcg 0.9mcg Vitamin C 83mg 12.45mg Vitamin D 8.3mcg 1.25mcg Vitamin E 16mg 2.4mg Vitamin K 45mcg

Healthy Nutrition for Growth & Development

For 2-5 years: 1 tablespoonful in cup of lukewarm milk. For 5 years and above 2 tablespoonful in cup of lukewarm milk

200 GM

Protein is one of the highest quality proteins in terms of both digestibility and amino acid composition. It is essentially the gold-standard protein supplement for growth and development.

It should be stored at room temperature away from light.

No information for drug interactions

Proteinuria if consumed excessively