DLL started marketing operations in the field from June 2013. The first Division was launched with 300 team members in Paediatrics, ENT and Chest specialities. This Division has products with differentiated technology, Fast Absol in all Tablet range and KuraFast in all dispersible Tablets, which will lead to faster onset of action and thus faster relief.

In Paediatric segment, Taste of the formulation plays important role. In DLL, all the suspension products come with delicious taste, which ensures 100% patient compliance.


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Products By Category

DelpoCure (Cefpodaxime Proxetil), a Cephalosporin antibiotic, indicated for treating respiratory infections in children and adults, available in all dosage forms like Tablets, Dispersible tablet, Suspension (50, 100 & 200 mg).

DelpoClav (Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid) has been launched in Paediatric as well as adult dosage forms (228.5, 457 & 625 mg) in Tablet, DT & Susp.

WeCure (Levofloxacin) a very popular Quinolone antibiotic is launched in 250, 500 and 750 mg Tablet dosage form and also in combination with Ornidazole to treat infected Diarrohea.

Indowel (Ondansetron) has been launched, which is an antiemetic in Solution form, for the treatment of nausea & vomiting in children.

The overall response from the doctors has been very good and they have appreciated the quality of the product. Many doctors have even reported that DLL’s product give faster results to the patients, confirming high quality standard of the products. This Division plans to introduce comprehensive Paediatric, ENT & Chest range that includes:

  • In management of Diarrhoea : Weltone Z drops : India’s 1st and only ready to use Zinc drops
  • Pain relief in Acute Otitis Media with intact Tympanic membrane : Lidozone Ear Drops : First Time in India . Worlds No. 1 Formula
  • For reducing the procedural pain and pain during vaccination: StayHappi Twist Tip Ampoule: 1st time in India for Superior analgesic effect
  • Treatment and prevention of Vitamin D deficiency: D-liq Drops: India`s first Micellized Vitamin D3 Supplement
  • In Viral Hepatitis : Udcament Susp : India`s first in Suspension form. UDCA treatment made easy
  • In management of Chronic Asthma: Delpomont Susp: The first and only plain montelukast suspension in India

The Division plans to support Paediatric, ENT & Chest fraternity with innovative Marketing activities like scientific data support in association with Elsevier, technology based activities like android app, CMEs and conference participation etc.

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