Business Overview

Under the able leadership of Mr. Akshay Kumar Mahapatra ( CEO), DelCure has evolved into a multidivisional company with products ranging from oral solids, oral liquids, topicals to injectables.

Robust portfolio, therapy coverage, certified manufacturing partner and an energetic team have been the catalyst for our impressive recognition in pharmaceutical industry.

Business - Delcure

We believe in performance sustainability in all aspects of business. Our success over the years has depended on several factors including foray into diverse segments, creating products which people value, making them widely accessible and operating efficiently. Our growth is backed with a strong reputation for genuine care for patients.

Today, Delcure has two marketing divisions that stay focused on specific therapeutic segments. This focused approach provides the required impetus to the company through enhanced relationship with the medical specialities and also improves the market penetration. This strategic segmentation and undivided focused approach on niche areas is strongly reflected in the rapid growth of Delcure in the domestic market. As a result Delcure has built a strong brand value amidst medical fraternity. Delcure’s product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of therapeutic groups, ranging from Pain Management, Anti bacterial, NSAID, Anti-arthritic, Anti-osteoporotic, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Immunity, Nutritional, Cough & Cold . Delcure has shown remarkable success with new products, with many firsts in its name in terms of technology and First time in India Brands.

Winspire and DelVoice divisions of Delcure have been contributing significantly to the healthcare needs of domestic market.

Covered Speciality

Orthopedic - Delcure
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General Physician - Delcure
General Physician
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Consulting Physician
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