We offer a range of products to deal with pain, inflammation and fever for all the age groups to let each individual achieve freedom from pain, fever and inflammation


We have unique products like Stifease capsule containing natural eggshell membrane and Stifease plus tablet containing natural eggshell membrane and Boswellia serrata which are a natural way to reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and frozen shoulder. Our broad basket which includes Combipara range of products, Delpodol tablets, Tolnim and Tolnim D tablets, Witori and Witori MR offer relief from pain and inflammation related to various disorders of joint and muscle like fracture, injury, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal spasm, text neck syndrome etc. Combipara containing aceclofenac and paracetamol, a product used for pain relief, has an onset of action starting in just 12 seconds. The Delpoflex range of products are used for reducing swelling (edema), inflammation and thereby promote faster wound healing. Factus SR tablets containing extended release febuxostat control uric acid safely in patients suffering from hyperuricemia and gout. Capsule Iboxa containing oxaceprol has a unique mode of action halting the early steps of inflammation and improves joint mobility in cases of osteoarthritis and spondylosis.

Gym tablets containing collagen peptide and other ingredients beneficial for the treatment of tendonitis and rotator cuff strain. Spafast gel is powered with Excederm technology for faster relief of musculoskeletal spasm. Spafast D injection is India’s 1st combination of thiocolchicoside and diclofenac in injectable form providing rapid relief in musculoskeletal pain with the added advantage of less injection pain.

We have Brikamol syrup containing paracetamol to break the wall of fever and pain in children. Our Stayhappi ampoule is helpful in reducing the procedural pain and pain during vaccination in babies.