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StayHappi is safe & effective in reducing procedural pain.

Generic Name:

StayHappi sucrose 24 % w/v oral solution

Dosage form:

Twist Tip Ampoule

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StayHappi is safe & effective in reducing procedural pain. It is available as patient friendly twist tip ampoule with advantage of Ready to use pack which provides better hygiene .

StayHappi needs to be given 2 minutes before vaccination & procedure


Sucrose 24 % w/v oral solution


  • Will only be effective if administered orally
  • Should be used along with other comfort measures (non-nutritive sucking, positioning, etc) and appropriate analgesia.



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Does Stay Happi put babies to sleep?

The sweet taste is believed to have a calming effect. It might work as well as anesthesia in some cases. It can help distract the baby away from the pain.

What are the contraindication?

What are the cautions to be taken?

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